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100t Maize Milling Plant Machine

Maize Flour Mill Project Report

This 100 tons per day maize mill processing plant purchased by a client to make maize meal. Besides, we also have many small scale maize meal mills in Africa.

Based on the high quality and standards of the customer, Our engineers, who have decades of experience, designed a building structure maize milling plant for him, Besides, there are also steel structure flour milling plant available for you to start a maize milling business.

100t maize milling project -1
100t maize milling project -2

How to Start a Milling Business

As a business owner, it is very important to capture the local market in the country. With high quality maize flour milling machine, excellent after-sales service, appropriate production costs etc. will help the business capture and retain local customers for profitable opportunities.

Large-scale maize flour milling plants with a high automatic to improve labor efficiency, high output value, and ensure labor safety at work.

100t steel structure milling plant -1
100t steel structure milling plant -2

We provide professional installation engineers to train employees, operate and increase corn milling production for business owners . All free for that, providing convenience to customers throughout the process.

Parameters of Corn Milling Plant and Product

1. This maize flour grinding line has two floors of steel-frame structure.
2. The total length of the production line: 28 m, width:8 m, height: 9 m *we can also design according to customers’ needs.
3. Rate of graded products: 70%-80%.
4. By-product rate: 25~32%, grain consumption: 1%
Feed meal:25~32%;grain consumption: 1%
5. End products quality standard

Maize flour: flour, ash content≤0.65%,magnetic metal content≤0.03%, gravel content≤0.02%,flour moisture:12~12.5%;
Maize germ purity: 85% above

Types of Maize Milling Machines

50t maize milling plant
250 maize milling
500t maize milling -1

Types of maize milling machines are divided into small, medium-sized, large scale flour milling machine, which are equipped with different units, different models. And, the maize flour milling machine price is different. We supply 10-30t maize meal milling machine, 50-200t medium-size maize milling plant and 200-500t industrial maize milling plant solutions.

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