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25t Maize Flour Mills in Africa

This customer found us when he was confused about where to buy a maize grinding mill. As a flour mill machinery manufacturer, we can provide 50-500t corn milling machine solutions. (Related post: 50t maize milling machine)

30t maize milling machine -2
30t maize milling machine -3

Before the story, I am very grateful to this Africa friend for his trust. He did not come to our company and placed an order.

At the beginning, our engineer customer discussed how to start a corn mill. Since the customer is not very familiar with the market, we analyzed whether it is profitable to start a corn mill and recommended a 30t production capacity to him. Satisfy. Later, we sent an installation team to the customer for installation and debugging, and provided free operation training to the customer's workers. At present, the corn equipment is still running well. Customize Your Business

Maize Milling Process Flow Chart

Our engineers designed a maize mill flow chart, so that the customer can more intuitively see what equipment is included in the maize mill plant, and how to mill corn into maize meal.

30t maize milling flow chart

The complete maize flour milling line mainly includes gravity grading screen, bucket elevator, hulling machine, corn degerminate machine, roller mill, double bin sieve, dust collector, maize flour packing machine. Get a Free Customize Now

How to Start a Posho Mill Business

According to customer requirements, this is a set of maize posho mill, with this, he can start a posho mill business in his country. And our market specialist gave him a lot of advice, and the feedback from her later confirmed that it really helped a lot.

what is posho mill

You can get grade 1 or grade 2 maize flour for posho. If you have other requirements for the product, now you can communicate directly with our engineers to Get a Free Quote & Details.

milled maize product

Is Maize Milling Profitable in Africa

Do you wondering, is maize milling profitable ? In Africa,20-30tons plant can bring you more than 1000USD profit per day, one month more than 15,000USD. This data is not from our experience, it is from our customers' feedback, it is true. It is the best chance to get big profit in Africa.

Please let me know what is your idea about the maize milling machines? Get a Free Quote



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