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5 Best Maize Milling Machine for Sale

Before purchasing a maize milling machine, people have lots of concerns: Which equipment I should choose to process my maize kernels? Is this maize processing flowsheet best? Will I overpay for the maize grinding machine? Can these machines help me profit in maize milling business?

Then how to choose the right maize milling machine depends on a lot of factors including capacity demands, final maize product requirements, plant footprint available, and so on.

Here Henan Voson would love to share valuable information about maize milling market trends, ways to build a high-quality maize milling plant, and several different maize processing plants which have been proved successful by our customers. If you have any most pressing questions and concerns, please Contact our Professional Engineers who can make customized solutions according to your actual situation.

Is Maize Milling Plant a Profitable Business?

The maize milling plant to grinding maize kernels has been sought and the sales market of machine is very good in recent years due to its wide application, compact design, high production efficiency, strong capacity and stable operation. Let's analyze the investment market of the maize milling machine.

Widely use of maize milling machine

In recent years, the yield of maize have increased, and a set of maize milling line no matter can be used for grinding maize into grade 1 and grade 2 flour, but also maize grits with different sizes, these productions all have corresponding markets, so don't worry about the sales of the products.

milled maize product

Strong demand for milled maize production

The most common application of milled maize is making food like ugali, posho, fufu etc. which is indispensable for people. The by-products of the maize milling process, bran and germ, can also be used to make feed and wine, and distilleries and animal farms are in high demand for these, so it has a prosperous future.

milled maize production

Return on investment budget

The investment cost of a maize milling factory ranges from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which leads to a difference in the later capital return cycle. The later expenses are mainly equipment maintenance, labor and transportation costs, etc., among which equipment maintenance is the main part, so the choice of machine is crucial. The quality of the Voson maize milling machine is excellent, which usually enables the customer to recover the cost more quickly (the exact time varies).

How Do You Set Up a Maize Milling Plant

For maize mills of 5-100 tons per day, all are compact steel structures, which is easy to installation and operation, There is no complicated civil construction, only a warehouse, water and electricity. And as for large capacity maize milling plant, we have one-stop solutions for you.

Maize milling plant installation2
Maize milling plant installation1

Voson Maize Milling Machine

As a professional maize milling plant equipment manufacturer, Voson insists on providing customers with high yield, energy-saving and compact easy installtion machines.

10t maize milling machine
15 maize meal milling machinet
20t maize flour milling machine

Voson can customize maize mills for customers. The following will introduce the maize milling machines with different outputs.

Small maize meal grinding machine

This is a very simple maize grinding machine, includes a combined cleaning machine, a small peeling machine and a 350 kg/h maize meal milling machine. It's very suitable for a beginner with limited investment, with the maize grinder, you can get grade 1 maize meal.

10 tpd Maize meal milling machine

This is a complete of maize milling line, the specially designed maize mill for community or farmer, the small set of maize flour milling machine is simple and compact structure, small footprint, easy installation, low labor intensity, low investment and power consumption. (Related post:Small Maize Meal Milling Machine)

20tpd Maize milling machine

Our small scale 20ton per day maize flour milling plant is hot selling. This maize milling plant includes pre-cleaning, stone removing, peeling, polishing, milling, brushing, plan sifter, electric control and packing, which can ensure maize flour yield and quality with low energy consumption and investment. (Related post: 20t maize flour milling set)

30tpd Maize milling plant

We’ve designed the 30 tons maize milling plant for the client who needs a streamlined, profitable and reliable mill based on proven technology. (Related post: 30t maize milling machine)

Compact, efficient design housed in steel frames featuring dust extraction and an offal collection line, and a milling capacity that will enable you to achieve success.

50tpd Maize milling plant machine for flour grits

50tpd maize milling plant
50t maize milling plant

There are different of equipments for cleaning, milling, packaging and our engineers have a lot of experience, they can design different solutions according to actual needs to ensure that the most suitable one is provided for customers. For example, the 50 tons per day maize milling plant we can provide you with different milling machine. (Related post: 50t maize milling plant)



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