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50t Maize Meal Milling Plant

This 50t maize meal processing plant is built for one client in the year of 2016. The capacity of the maize milling plant is 40-60 tons per day. With the flour mill, grinding white maize into maizemeal for local food such as Nshima.

It adopts 3 sets of pneumatic flour mill. The cleaning part adopts one vibrant sifter, one destoner, three double bin sieves. While in the milling section, adopts the 3 maize flour milling machines.

50t maize milling plant
maize milling plant for 50

We communicated with the client online, and he visited our factory and office by video, and then placed the order. The final flour is mainly sold to the local market and the flour is perfect to produce the local traditional food.

Whenever you are interested in learning more about this maize milling plant or details of starting a maize milling factory or business, welcome to get in touch with us! We will do our best to offer you the most suitable solution, a detailed equipment list, and a cost evaluation.

Maize Flour Processing Steps

Maize milling or corn meal grinding is processing maize / corn into flour products to make it safe for consumption. The preprocess before milling generally includes cleaning the maize to get rid of dust and other particles, conditioning with a damper, to make it easier to get a high quality flour. For example, there is a processing steps that designed for another client:

Cleaning and Conditioning

Remove the materials and particles, that do not make a part of the maize kernels, is crucial as it helps in improving the eminence of the final product. The foreign materials that are got rid of in this process include dust particles, husks, straw, sand, etc.

50t maize milling cleaning section

Our engineer have drawn process flow diagrams for the client, and customers, which can make customers more clear about his production line. Every customer deserves our best service. Get a Quote and Details

→ Maize / Corn Flour Milling

After cleaning, the next is about how to grind corn into cornmeal. There are 3 roller millers and 3 double bin sifter, 1 bran machine, powder collector, and automatic packing machine.

50t maize milling section

Finally, there is a dust collector to ensure a good working environment.

Milled Maize Products

To install this client's request, his raw material is white corn, and the flour product is for making food like Nshima.

milled maize production

In addition, you may also plant to get big corn grits, fine grits, corn bran, etc. There are 5-20tons small scale maize milling machine, 30-50t maize flour milling machine, and also 100-500t industry maize processing plant. No matter what kind of product you want, if you are interested, you can always Contact Us.



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