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  • Capacity: 10-100TPD
  • Production: Clean seed

Seed selection machine is a modern agricultural machinery equipment used for screening and cleaning seeds, improving the quality and yield of seeds. It consists of a feeding port, a screen, a vibrating device, a cleaning device, and a discharge port.

Fine Seed Cleaner Machine

FINE SEED CLEANER Machine are modern agricultural machinery equipment used for screening and cleaning seeds, improving the quality and yield of seeds. It consists of a feeding port, a screen, a vibrating device, a cleaning device, and a discharge port.

The seed selection machine is suitable for screening and cleaning various crop seeds, especially in large-scale and commercial planting, and is an essential tool. At the same time, it can also improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production, bringing more benefits to farmers.

We have built different capacity Fine Seed Cleaner plants in worldwide, It is widely used in flour mill plant, such as 10-20t maize mill and 30t maize milling machine. These medium scale maize milling plants are aim to produce super white maize flour, and yellow corn flour, grade 1 and grade 2. The full plant covers pre-cleaning--fine-cleaning-degerminating--milling--packaging-controlling system.

Cleaning Equipment

Vibratory separator is mainly used to clean or grade the raw materials in grain mills, rice mills, feed manufacturing plants, oil manufacturing plants, food processing factories, chemical engineering factories, etc. By applying screens with different-sized holes, our product fits perfectly for wheat, maize, rice, oilseed and many other granular materials.

Rotary separator is designed to remove both coarse and fine impurities from wheat based on their differences in size. For medium-quality grain, the separation rate varies depending on the impurity type

De-stoner is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination. For common wheat, throughput is up to 22 t/h. The de-stoner is also employed successfully in beans, sesame and coffee cleaning plant

Single drum type pre-cleaner is suitable for corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, sunflower seeds, mung beans and other grains after harvest ( straw, paper, soil, corn leaves, bricks, corn cobs, etc.), it can also be used for granular materials in other industries, which can meet the quality requirements of raw grains in storage.

Air recycling aspirator is specially used to separate low-specific gravity impurities such as hulls and dust from grains ( wheat, maize, barley, etc.) by suction. It can be used in grain depots, flour mills, rice mills, corn processing plants, oil plants, feed plants, starch plants, alcohol plants,
etc. It can be used alone or in combination with a vibrating screen, a flat rotary screen or a wheat thresher

Multi-deck rotary cleaner can remove large and small particles of impurities in the grains and cereals, at the same time, the exhaust system extracts slight impurities such as dust in the grains. It is mainly used for cleaning and grading impurities (large and small impurities) in large-scale industries such as grain, flour milling, feed, rice milling, chemical industry, oil extraction, and wine making,etc.

Fine Seed Cleaner Machine

Seed coating machine is a new generation of seed coating processing equipment developed by on the basis of digesting and absorbing various technologies and combining progress and
innovation. It is widely used in wheat, corn, soybean, rice, cottonseed, grass seed , Coating processing of vegetable seeds and tree flower seeds.

Indented cylinder is cleaning and separation the granular particles and free flowing material by length. Widely used for removing long and short impurities in wheat, barley, rice, corn, rice, sunflower seeds, etc., or performing grading processing, and separating materials in flour mills, breweries, and oatmeal factories.

Gravity separator is one of the key equipment for seed sorting and grading processing. It is a device for sorting lighter seeds from heavy seeds according to the principle of suspension characteristics and friction characteristics of seeds. The main function is to separate the more uniform seeds that have been cleaned by air-selection type cleaning machine, socket drum cleaning machine and other equipment according to the density, so as to remove poor development, incomplete maturity, insect damage, mildew and rotten seeds, germinated seeds . It can also separate mixtures which is similar sizes with granular but different weights, such as side-by-side stones, etc.

Air screen seed cleaner is widely used for fine clean of wheat, rice, maize, barley, beans, spices, oil seeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds and forestry seeds, cleaning and processing of Chinese herbal medicine. It can be used fine cleaning for grains, removing large, small and light impurities.

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Advantage of Fine Seed Cleaner Machine Machine

1. It can improve the purity of seeds and reduce the number of weeds and damaged seeds.

2. It can increase the germination rate and yield of seeds

3. It can reduce planting costs and improve the economic benefits of crops.



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