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Top 5 Tips for Choose Maize Milling Machines

How to select maize milling machine? Maize milling has flow of skills in the selection. There are many types of maize mills and prices are different, so if you want to get a high quality of maize mill, you can do according to the tips.

Make Clear About What Is Maize Mill Machine

If you have no idea about corn milling process and related milling machines, maybe you only can listen to what others say, but can't judge it's real or not? So the first piece of tips for you is to figure out what is a maize mill machine and how it works.

maize flour mill

1. Process of Maize Milling

A maize milling process is always starting with cleaning, just like the flow shows:

Cleaning →Dehulling & Degerminating → Crushing → Grinding → Flour Sieving → Fine Maize Flour

The main equipment of maize milling plant includes: cleaner, fan, damper, bucket elevator, maize peeler, corn flour milling machine, high efficiency square sifter, crusher, air seal, electronic control panel, plat form and supports, pipes and accessories, etc. Get Details

maize milling process

2. How maize grinding machine works?

How does maize meal manufactured? You have got the machines used in the maize milling plant, but how these equipments work? How grind maize into flour and grits? According to the processing flow, there is a video show that clearly. Get Details

Choose the Right Flour Milling Machine Supplier

When you figured out the scale of maize flour milling machine you want, now you can start looking for equipment manufacturers and suppliers to consult price and machine. It needs to be clear here that the processes used by different manufacturers may be somewhat different, and there is a point It is to achieve the same function, but there are many kinds of devices.

A reliable supplier is a halfway of success. Henan Voson is a leading manufacturer of maize milling machine in China. Compact and affordable maize flour milling machine is suitable for beginner to start a maize milling business. Get Details

How Many Types of Milling Machines

In VOSON, we have a full range of corn milling machine and production line solutions, from 5-20 tons per day small scale maize grinding mills to 100-500T large scale commercial maize milling plants equipment, all that is available. Get Details

How Set Up the Maize Milling Plant

After-sales service, especially installation and training services, is already a part of the added value of equipment, and a perfect after-sales service can solve many challenges you encounter in the business process.

For example, Henan Voson, our company always provides senior engineer installation guidance, free technical training, and lifetime after-sales service to our customers. We will visit customers regularly and provide free answers to the problems encountered by customers during this period. If customers need spare parts, they will be provided with the factory price. Get Details

The Cost of Maize Milling Machine

The price of maize mill is depend on lots of factors, for example, the corn mill brands, the layout of maize flour milling machine. A famous brand one maybe expensive machine.(Related post: the cost of maize milling machine)

So, the cost of a maize mill, still need a communication between the client and our engineer, and according to the customer's requirements, such as my budget is very limited, then we customize equipment for you. Get Details



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