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30t Maize Milling Machine Story

The clients from Africa want to purchase a small scale maize milling machine. However, his investment budget was limited, and I still remember the first thing he asked "how much is maize meal".

With a limited invest, buying a small maize meal milling machine with complete function is very difficult, we recommended him a small milling machine, that special designed for Africa.

15t maize milling machine
15t maize milling machine

VOSON Machinery provided him with a free business plan on maize mill and a set of corn flour milling with factor price. If you want to know more about the cost of setting up a flour mill, please feel free to contact us!

Types of Maize Milling Machines Small-scale

With low investment and a small room, the small-scale milling machine is suitable for community or your own farms and villages.

10t maize milling machine
15 maize meal milling machinet
20t maize flour milling machine

The above three types of maize mills all special designed with compact structure and small footprint, they very easy to installation and operation. They can produce corn flour and corn grits. You can contact us directly for working videos and more details. Click For Details

Finished Maize Milling Products

The final product can be used for food, such as ugali, nshima, sadza, fufu corn, posho.

finished milled maize meal

Henan Voson can realize a variety of processed maize corn products like maize grits, grade 1 maize meal, grade 2 maize flour and special maize flour, and we supply the leading maize milling solutions for white maize or yellow corn grinding.

If you have any needs about maize milling machine and service, please contact us by one of the following ways to get quotation and service !



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