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100-300T Wheat Flour Mill Plant

  • Capacity: 100-300 tons per day
  • Production: wheat flour, refining flour, microfine flour

Core equipment: Bin, cleaning and conditioning equipment, roller mill, purifier, plan sifter, packing machine.

The 100-300ton/d wheat flour milling plant is a kind of multistory type seeds milling line. It consists of high square plansifter, pneumatic flour mill machine, purifier, etc. to realize advanced flour milling technology. It usually needs 4-6 floors (also can be designed into a steel structure) for installing the complete wheat flour plant. The whole plant is durable to use, easy to operate and maintain, and has high productivity and flour extraction rate. Therefore, this wheat flour mill plant can be used to produce different grade wheat flour as well as special flour.

Floor Plan 1
Floor Plan 1
Floor Plan 2
Floor Plan 2
Floor Plan 3
Floor Plan 3
Floor Plan 4
Floor Plan 4
Floor Plan 5
Floor Plan 5
Floor Plan 6
Floor Plan 6

Concrete structure building flour mill plant usually has three configuration design: four-story building, five-story building and six-story building. It can be determined according to the customer's requirements.

Parameter of The Wheat flour Mill Plant

Below is the parameters of one of our options, feel free to contact for more details if you are interested in our product!

CapacityExtraction ratePowerFootprint
100 tons per day75-85%360 kw45 × 12 × 12 m
300 tons per day75-85%900kw61 × 12 × 27 m

It should be noted that there will be some differences in the equipment of the 300t flour mill for processing wheat seeds. When you consult, our technicians will confirm your raw materials and requirements. See more details below, you are also welcome to customize your wheat flour mill plant.

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Features of Voson Wheat flour Mill Line

We develop complete solutions for wheat milling - from traditional wheat flour mills to combined mills for whole wheat and atta flour. Years of equipment research make our milling equipment a significant market advantage:

Affordable Price:

Factory direct sales, 100% factory price

Compact and elaborate design:

Compact and elaborate design ensure Low investment and low power consumption and running costs.

Good roller mills:

Good milling is all about the process - how to reliably separate impurities from grain and then separate the different pieces that make up the grain; improving your yield and quality of your product.

High-quality wheat flour:

Automation and digital services can also help to get the most out of your mill and increase food safety and traceability.

Wide application:

Widely applied in small and middle wheat mills or farm in developing country.

Flow chart of Wheat flour Mill Line


In the cleaning section, there are several aspiration systems that can reduce the dust spray-out from the machine and keep a good working environment.

This is a complicated flow, that can remove most of the coarse offal, middle size offal, and fine offal in the grain. The cleaning section is not only suitable for grain with lower moisture, but also the dirty grain.

flour milling processing
flour milling

In the milling and sieve section, there are four types of systems to mill the wheat to flour.

The whole design will insure less bran is mixed into the bran and the flour yield is maximized. The whole mill material is transferred by a High-pressure fan. The milling room will be clean and sanitary.

All packaging machines are automatic. The packaging machine has advantages of high measuring accuracy, fast packing speed, reliable and stable working. The packing machine has the function of fault self-diagnosis. Its sewing machine has automatic sewing and cutting function.

package machine

The packaging machine is with sealed type bag-clamping mechanism, which can prevent material from leaking out. There are many types of specification like 1-5kg, 2.5-10kg, 20-25kg, 30-50kg. The clients can choose different packing specifications according to requirements.

Types of Wheat flour can be processed

Pursuing suitable wheat flour milling machinery for your business is important. We have projects, and you can get advice and free craft designs from us.

There are many types of flour, such as bread flour, whole wheat flour, cake flour etc. You can contact our engineers directly, they will tell you how to choose the right cost-effective and high-quality flour processing equipment. Hope to give you some guidance and advice on your business plan.

finished wheat flour



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