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7 Tips for Starting a Maize Milling Business Plan

If you want to start a maize milling business or a posho mill business in Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, etc. a well-considered business plan before you can begin milling maize into profitable maize meal, to avoid many investment risks.

Here are seven tips to getting your small-scale maize milling business started:

1. Environmental investigation of the first factory

The first thing you should consider is whether the traffic conditions are very convenient? And whether the raw grains are easy to purchase and transport? Is there any electricity nearby? If not, we will choose a diesel-powered pulverizer. If yes, we can consider electric power; In addition, you should also consider the supply and market demand of your corn meal. If the demand is relatively large, then you can plan a large scale maize milling business. (Related post: Diesel Maize Grinding Machine for sale)

2. Identify your supplier and product information

After the first step, we have already understood the market demand, and your store location has been determined, so now it is necessary to completely determine some information, your raw material supplier, if you plan to buy corn from other sources, please do a good job to do your homework and find reliable and sustainable suppliers. Avoid unforeseen losses or misunderstandings by having your suppliers contract with you. In addition, the specific product quality standards, product packaging design and specifications must be determined and carried out simultaneously during the execution of the following plan, so as not to delay the progress of the entire project.

3、Write a business plan

After market research, we can determine the size of our business and have some ideas, then we should write them down and organize them into a complete plan.
The plan should include our budget, target customers, market, corn flour quality, raw material ways, competitor analysis, our selling points, and risk analysis. A good business plan can help us avoid many risks.

4、Choose the Right Corn Grinding Equipment

Before you start marketing and making cornmeal products, you determine your capacity based on market research. The quality and quantity of the product you sell determines types of mills to choose. VOSON has a wide range of affordable, high-quality mills designed for small maize milling businesses. Read more about our competitively priced maize mills at the bottom of this article. Choose a reliable supplier, and you're halfway there. (Related post: Guide to Start a Maize Milling Business)

5、Register your business

You need to register your business with the relevant authorities in your country before it can operate in full accordance with the law. During this process, you will need to choose a name for your business and product.

6、Set up your corn mill, worker recruitment and training

Wait for the equipment manufacturer to deliver the equipment, and then start the factory construction. At the same time, you need to recruit some reliable workers to participate, and have our engineers to train them in operation and teach them how to maintain the equipment.

7、 Produce and market your product

After the equipment is debugged and running stably, you can officially start your business. Are you selling wholesale or retailing directly to consumers? Do you need to advertise, or have you locked in a steady clientele ahead of time? Knowing this will also determine what kind of delivery shipping you need and how much you should budget for it.

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Maize Milling Machine for Small Milling Businesses

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