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Guide to Start a Maize Milling Business in Kenya

Maize is not only a food source for Kenyans, but also a raw material for animal feed. And sometimes the Kenyan government approves duty-free imports of yellow corn to supplement the shortage of domestic raw materials. The government encourages and introduce subsidies to help people to set up their own maize milling factory, so there are many advantages to start a maize milling business in Kenya.

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How Does a Maize Mill Work?

Maybe you have a plan in your mind or perhaps a paper plan about your budget, factory location, source of raw materials and sale way, etc. But there is a special thing before you buy a maize mill: how does a maize mill work? (Related post: 7 Tips for Starting a Maize Milling Business)

In this video you can see the process of maize flour milling process steps: cleaning - dehulling and degerming - grinding - finished packaging.(Related post: How is maize milling machine work)

Commercial Maize Milling Machine for Sale

Small scale maize mills are an attractive business choice for many entrepreneurs. Small maize millers can quickly become large commercial mills supplying both locally as well regionally to local markets.

Starting a maize milling business is not without challenges, choose a reliable partner like VOSON, a leading maize mills manufacturer and corn processing solution supplier in China, you are halfway there, these are all hot selling product we have in Africa, I believe it can do helpful for you. If you are looking for a diesel grinder, Click for More. (Related post: Diesel Maize Grinding Machine for sale)

How to Setup a Small Maize Milling Plant in Kenya

Setting up a professional small maize flour mill processing plant there are several steps:

The first is to make the ground foundation of the installation site. In order to keep the milling machines stable in the work, we need to compress the ground.

The second is the installation of steel structure. Our small corn processing plants are in the form of steel structure, which is very convenient and quick to install.

The next step is to install the main components, such as roller mills, dust removal systems, fans, etc.

The last is the installation of pipes, connecting the various functions of the system, and then we can start the trial operation, and our engineers will guide the whole process.

We have specially designed small corn milling machine, which is easy to install and does not require special civil construction. Contact Us for Details.

Successful Maize Flour Mill Projects

We are not is not only small corn milling equipment, but also turnkey projects, such as 100t maize milling plant, 20t maize milling machine, 50t maize processing plant in Africa. Our projects are mainly located in Africa, the Middle East, and Asian countries. If you are interested or have any ideas, please Contact Us Freely.



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