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The Cost of Posho Mill in Kenya

Is Posho Mill business Profitable in Kenya

You want to know the price of maize posho mill in Kenya, I guess you would like to start a posho mill business. Well, first you should get clear that is posho business profitable.(Related post: How to start a maize milling business)

posho mill for meal

Posho, also named ugali, masa, the food is used as the main meal for a lot of people in Africa. The big market demand, can guarantee that posho mill businesses are a profitable business, you can start anywhere in Kenya and get a decent daily income.

Posho Mill for Sale in Kenya

Henan Voson is a maize meal milling machines manufacturer and milling solution supplier. We are dedicated to researching the African milling market, and have developed a series of maize milling equipment for the cornmeal, energy efficiency with high quality and factory price.

Above are the hot sale grade one posho mill in Kenya, you can contact us now to get the video and prices about A-Z of maize flour milling machines. (Related post: electric vs diesel maize milling machines)

Posho Milling Process Video

The below is one of our hot sale grade 1 posho mill process, this video will show you how to grind corn for cornmeal at home.

The maize grinding machine is a small scale flour mill, that widely for small business. It is also preferred by some families or individuals who want to start a posho mill business. Click Get Detail about small maize mill.

Price of Posho Mill in Kenya

Buy a good quality maize milling machine for posho meal, but the price confused you always, maybe. How to find a reliable posho mill suppliers and get an affordable posho mill. Voson has many cases in Africa, as one of the leading maize milling machine manufacturer you can get a Customized Maize Meal Machine.



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