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How Is Maize Milling Machine Work to Make Meal

Maize is not only a food source, but also a raw material for animal feed. Get clear about how does a maize mill work, and try to find out what is a maize milling machine will do good for you to prepare a maize flour milling business. (Related more: How to start a maize milling business)

maize and milled maize flour

Maize Milling Machine Process and Flow chart

Before you try to start a maize milling business, It's better for you to make a clear about what is maize mill machine and maize flour processing steps. Maize milling machines are used to grinding maize / corn into maize meal, that is for food.

1. Maize Cleaning Process

This is almost the first process run in a large corn milling plant or a small scale maize milling machine. In this process, we will use stone remover, vibrating screen, gravity grading screen or comprehensive cleaning screen to remove dust, husk, straw, sand, etc. Remove the metal inside to prevent it from entering the following grinding equipment and damaging the equipment.

vibrating screen
vibrating screen
grain cleaning machine
stone removal machine

2. Maize Cleaning Process

After cleaning, the raw maize get to the grinding stage. There are multiple roller mills in a complete set of maize flour milling plant. The first miller is used for dehulling and degermination, and the other is used for grinding maize in flour. Those that do not meet the fineness will continue to be milled until pass the screen.

large scale roller mill
large scale roller mill
small miller
small miller

3. Final Product Packing

The processed maize products can be maize grits of different sizes or fine flour, and then packaged into bags with packaging machine, which can be packed as 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg etc.

How Does a Maize Mill Work to Make Maize meal

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Due to its relatively low price and small space occupation, small scale maize mills are very suitable for those who have ideals but are limited by funds to start a maize milling business. With the development of the economy and people's dependence on food, maize milling is profitable. (Related post: The cost of posho mill in Kenya)

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