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Maize Posho Mill Business in Kenya

What Is Posho Mill

A posho mill, maybe named maize mill, maize meal mill, maize flour milling machine, corn flour mill, anyway, the machine can grinding maize into flour or maize meal, then we use the flour to making delicious posho.

what is posho mill

Types of posho mill and their prices

A maize posho mill is usually electric engine, but we can also ask for diesel power if electric is not convenient. Based on the capacity of the posho mill machine, the maize meal mill machine can be divided into many types.

You may be looking for the price of posho mill, how much does a posho mill machine cost in Kenya and where to buy a commercial maize mill. Before you buy an electric posho mill, you need to understand the basics of a corn mill so that you can be more specific about the mill you want.

Electric Hammer Mill
Diesel Hammer Mill
Diesel Hammer Mill

For example, you want to buy a grade 1 posho mill price in Kenya, you may need a special particular mills to get grade one quality. So, before try to find out the cost of electric posho mill or get the price of diesel posho mill in Kenya, let's make clear the machine first. (Related post: The Cost of Posho Mill in Kenya)

1. Small Portable Mobile Maize Posho Mill Machine

The small scale maize mill machines are economy posho mill and the price of posho mill in Kenya are lowest. Some of these small posho mills can be portable. posho mill machine can grind maize with a maximum of 500 kg in an hour, this is very good one for domestic set up or a business with limited.

The grade 1 posho mill price is affordable, and with the machines, a posho mill business can be start easily in your hometown.

2. Medium Posho Mill Machine

Medium-sized posho mills, suitable for medium-sized enterprises to carry out posho mill business, the equipment is very functional, and can obtain higher quality and quantity corn meal. From 20 tons to 50 tons every day, high-quality equipment quality, can be continuously produced 24 hours a day without worrying about wear and service life problems.

3. Large Scale Posho Mill (50-500t/d)

If you want to start a large-scale posho mill business in Kenya, then this series of equipment is suitable for you, the large-scale mill can produce different quality powder at the same time, such as grade 1 and grade 2 maize flour.

About the cost of a lager scale posho mill in Kenya you can click to Get a Free Quote now.

Is Posho Mill Business Profitable?

A posho mill business is profitable, you can get good returns, if you choose the right location, buy the right equipment, and play your cards right. What is the backbone of Kenya's economy? Agriculture! What is Kenyan food? posho! I think these two items can already persuade us to invest in changing the industry. We all have to eat every day, which is why starting a posho business in Kenya is always a risk worth taking.

Choosing a reliable posho mill manufacturer, you're halfway into the success. Henan Voson, a leading maize meal milling machine supplier in China, special designed compact and affordable maize posho mill for Africa. Get a Decent Daily Income.

How Dose a Posho Mill Work?

The working principle of the posho mill is very simple, usually includes cleaning, milling, packing, three parts, which the milling part is the most important section, in this part, maize be grinded into cornmeal, I will show how a posho mill works by a video.

After the maize is processed, it will come out from the exit section as flour, ready for packaging. The entire process happens after you feed your maize into the feeder. (Related post: How is maize milling machine work)

How to start a posho mill business in Kenya?

Start a posho milling business is easy, but there are also some advice for you. Here is a guide to start a maize milling business in Kenya and 7 tips for you to get a shortcut. You can directly Contact for Professional Advice.



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